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Glass Jar

Since glass is the best material for long term storage of food and drinks, we have developed an elegantly designed glass jar for your mineralized water. It fits in the dock for clean water of your TheWell, so you can use it either directly with your machine, or for extra water storage in your fridge. The jar is 20cm tall and 11cm in diameter, and holds up to 1 liter of water. It consists of a glass body (dishwasher safe) and a wooden lid made of pine (should be hand washed). You can customize the fill volume of your TheWell so that the glass jar is filled precisely. To do this, you go into your TheWell’s menu, choose “Customize”, click on the “Jar/Bottle fill level” option and choose the “Bottle 1L (34 fl OZ)” option.


Filter Set

TheWell incorporates the same type of professional water filters used by many major bottling plants. Our 3-stage filtration system removes harmful pollutants and odours from tap water, leaving you with water in its purest form. Our filters are sold as a set and only need to be replaced after 2 years of use or 3’000 litres of clean water produced (whatever happens first). The 3-stage filtration system consists of: A 1-Micron Sediment Filter that filters out all larger particles and dirt in order to protect the reverse osmosis membrane from sediment build-up that would shorten its life span and reduce efficiency. An Activated Carbon Filter, very effective in removing chlorine and other particles that create bad taste or odor in water. A Reverse Osmosis Filter made of a semi-permeable membrane that is the most efficient way to clean harmful particles from water. TheWell system uses a very high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane that not only filters any ions, molecules or larger particles found in water, but does this at high speed.

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